Pro-Am Technique Workshops

Best pro-am technique Workshops in London.

These workshops are tailored for people who are interested in learning high-level dance techniques for Ballroom and Latin American dance styles.

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Spinedango is dedicated to a healthy spine and better body performance through good posture.

We aim is to teach as many people as possible the importance of good posture and body alignment. We promote and enhance better mobility and a range of motion for the spine and joints.

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Weekly Charity Classes

We hold charity classes for people 50+ in Central London in Ballroom, Latin, Argentine Tango and Line dance classes.

We want to encourage elderly people to stay active and socialise. If you are curious come and take a look. Beginners welcome. No partner needed.

Classes run every Monday
Ballroom:12:30 - 14:30
Argentine Tango 14:30 - 16:30

Abbey Centre
34 Great Smith Street

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About Us

We strive to provide the best customer experience possible. In our dance school, all teachers are Qualified with IDTA or ISTD certificates. We are the place where you can book a dance partner both female and male for your competitions or just social dance experience.

UK Dance Academy was created because we wanted to build a dancing body that Collaborates with other studios instead of competing with them to increase the healthy competition and quality of the services. We want to open more possibilities both for our clients and for our employees.


Next Steps...

Come and join us! Feel free to drop into one of our group classes and say hi or give me a call for more details on booking privates...